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Home Automation Design & Build Services

Home Automation Design & Build Services

We design & deliver through our subcontracted partners different solutions for even the most unique homes, with controls for amenities such as:  Lighting , Shades , Climate , Security System , Cameras , Irrigation , Pool/ Jacuzzi , and more!

Smarten Up Your Home

An home automation system allows all of the sub-systems in your home or office to be controlled from a single, user friendly interface

System Monitoring : 

In today’s home, electronics are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Even simple devices like DVD players now require a connection to the internet.Every device in our home will be connected. From washers and dryers to refrigerators and coffee makers. Our home networks will soon be similar in size to that of a small business.


Access Controls

Grant access to gates and doors from anywhere in your home, or anywhere in the world , Access control technology ensures the security of your home while providing easy access for approved visitors. If you have an automation system in your home you can take it a step further and set commands to respond when you open the door. Imagine – lights go on, music begins and temperature rises automatically as you enter your home.

WiFi and Network Services

In today’s modern home, network infrastructure is as important as the electrical and plumbing infrastructure. From simple commercial grade Wi-Fi systems to hardwired networks with QoS and hardware level security.

Lighting Control

Comfort, security, elegance, convenience, and energy savings are just a few of the reasons that homeowners are embracing lighting control.Replacing traditional light switches with elegant keypads, touch screens and remote controls that enable you to program on-off timing, activate lighting with motion sensors, set dimming requirements, monitor your energy conservation and more

Motorized Shades

Protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays, save on heating and cooling, and increase privacy with motorized shades, drapes and blinds.Installs programmable shades that extend or retract by time of day, sun sensors, or on demand through remote control or touch screen panels


Leaving your home empty or allowing others in your home while you are away can be unsettling.You can now see what is happening in your home at all times.Peace of mind is seeing your babysitter caring for your child, knowing who is at the door before you open it

 Contact us now and talk to NoVi's home automation design team and start simplifying your home today.