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Why NoVi

Why NoVi

Why To Choose NoVi’s Design & Build Services

There are many advantages to hiring a design + build company like NoVi Designs & Finishing to handle your project such as but not limited to :

  • You only work with one main entity , no more pain of dealing with individual technicians
  • We handle every single detail of the project for you.
  • An entire design & projects team are dedicated to helping you transform your design into real life
  • We help you select the most beautiful and durable materials for your space.
  • We do more than just sell materials or provide labor. You benefit from the expertise and insight of professionals who have extensive experiences in the field of exterior & interior design & build services.
  • We are specialized professionals, so we know how to prevent common pitfalls associated with this kind of projects.
  • Even for the renovation projects, you can rest assured that our teams at will anticipate and prepare for any unexpected issues that could arise with structural plumbing, electrical changes.
  • We have seen it all and we know how to do it right the first time. That experience can save you time and money.

Experience NoVi Proven Process


·      You’ll meet your NoVi’s design team through the first site survey visit, an entire team that is dedicated to helping you transform your space into the space of your dreams. You’ll share with us details about your project , architectural modifications requests “ If Any “ and the ideas you have for customizing your space.

·      We’ll develop the final as-built 2D layout that fits your needs including all expected furnishing dimensions




·      We’ll talk with you about the style you like best and we’ll review the pictures you’ve saved as inspiration for your remodel. We’ll join you at your home for a Moo-Boarding session and together we’ll develop a layout and design details that will meet the unique needs of your family. ava-morpholio-1

·      We’ll help you navigate NoVi’s three-tier selection guide, a Mood-Boarding process designed to help you select options , styles & materials that fit your budget and match our finishing process expectations and time-line


·      Depending on your selections in the mood-boarding process, our design team will generate the 3D shoots of your space including all materials list , BOQ , Suppliers List & Shop-Drawings that shall be used in the execution process.




·      Depending on the complexity and scope of your project, the execution process typically lasts four to 8 months. Our experienced projects team will always make sure updating you with the project progress, they will also make sure of full compliance between shop-drawings and executed spaces till the final delivery of the project.




·      By far our favorite phase of the project is seeing our clients delight in your newly designed space. Our ultimate goal is to customize a space that meets the needs of your unique lifestyle and provides you all with a lifetime of enjoyment.