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NoVi is your ultimate destination for luxury, creativity, differentiation, dazzling and high quality standards

Our Philosophy

Working Principles 

Design simplicity is the ultimate goal of greatness , luxury, flawless and the right balance between all elements

  • We always believe that simplicity,minimalism and luxury have no conflict
  • We assure a great materials balance,harmony, and high quality standards
  • We call our style ‘live minimalism’, Live minimalism is not about a 'wrap' or visual look,It refers to your inner feelings 

Creativity is to always let new brand ideas flow, but a design creativity is choosing the most applicable ones that matches your puzzle piece

  • We always choose the right piece of art that fits in the right time and place
  • We assure brand new ideas yet only belong to each customer different needs
  • We believe in creating details not gathering templates of them 

We always tend to provide dazzling designs that meets both practicality and durability 

- Dazzling and Durability are face off 

- Dazzling will always be the customer satisfaction fruit 

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Design & Build Services
Residential Design & Build Services

We design and deliver residential interiors , exteriors , landscape , Roof-top ...etc.

Corporate & Commercial Design & Build Services

We design and deliver designs for corporate buildings, Health Care, Stores , restaurants ...etc.

Home Automation Design & Build Services

We design and deliver smart automated , recyclable, sustainable & environment friend buildings

Special Systems Services
Kitchen Design & Build Services

We design and deliver our own kitchen design line that meets all styles

Furniture Design & Build Services

We design and deliver custom made designs for different furniture pieces in different styles

Custom Solutions Design & Build Services

We design and deliver customized solutions for club-houses , health clubs ...etc.

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At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.